Objectives list

12 Exercises 0 Courses

Chapter 17 - The guitar hero

Are you ready to be a guitar hero ?
27 Exercises 13 Courses

Chapter 1 - The Guitarist' Kickoff

The guitar in your hand, pick in the pocket, three apples and a kiwi in your saddle bag and the adventure begins ! This first chapter will teach you everything you need to know to start learning the guitar in the best conditions. Will you be able to play through the exercises and slay the Boss ?
27 Exercises 8 Courses

Chapter 2 - Discovering the guitar neck

Your fingers are now used to shift on few strings. What about increasing your agility and gaining speed while exploring further of your guitar neck? Discover exercises escpecially designed to improve the independancy of your fingers !
23 Exercises 8 Courses

Chapter 3 - My first chords

Discover how to read and use the main guitar chords. Detailed secrets, tips and corrected exercises to finally master all the basic guitar chords ! Minors, majors and power chords, everything goes ! You'll also learn to count your first beats to be in the rhythm.
24 Exercises 7 Courses

Chapter 4 - Better counting the rhythm

What do you think about learning what's a crotchet, a minim and a whole note ? We will mix that up so you could get used to stay in the rhythm by chaining simple notes along with chords.
23 Exercises 5 Courses

Chapter 5 - Working with quavers

The Quaver, a very interesting but compulsory step for every guitarist. It is worth half the lenght of a crotchet and introduce the concept of back strikes, to attack the strings one way then the other. We will see that through many lessons and exercises. Ready ? Fire !
17 Exercises 8 Courses

Chapter 6 - Few technics

Did you know that there are effects and technics in the guitar universe ? These small symbols "s" "h" "p" "pm" you've met on guitar tabs are exactly that. Discover how to play slides, bends, hammer-on, pull-off and many other effects to embelish your play.
13 Exercises 6 Courses

Chapter 7 - Discovering effects

Let's go even further ! What do you say we combine all the effects we've met in the past chapters ? They can harmonize well in a chord or a single note ! Access some tips to help you stay in the rhythm while practicing those guitar effects.
29 Exercises 4 Courses

Chapter 8 - Working on rests

The silence is as important as a note ! We have a tendency to disrespect its lenght. Here are some exercises to learn how to play well semibreves rest, half rests, quarter rests, quaver rests and the secret for your strings to stop vibrating.
14 Exercises 10 Courses

Chapter 9 - The fun part

You've learn many things since your beginnings in our online music school. As a guitarist, it is interesting to confront yourself with few songs and evaluation exercises. Gathering lessons and workout exercises; it's the perfect chapter to strenghten your knowledge.
13 Exercises 9 Courses

Chapter 10 - From beginner to intermediate

You now know well how to read a music sheet. However, it is sure that your fingers don't obey you fully. With the oncoming exercises, we will slightly shift from a beginner level to a more advanced one ! Hang it there ! Your fingers will learn so many new things, you'll be surprised to notice their new agility.
19 Exercises 8 Courses

Chapter 11 - Mixing bass notes

Chords, solos, arpeggios, everything will be seen ! You'll be confronted with choices on the technics you'll use and on the way you pick the strings. Little by little we will move out of your comfort zone to show you beautiful songs that requires not more than mastering the basics.
23 Exercises 6 Courses

Chapter 12 - Strenghtening the hand

You hand and forearm are made of muscles, but not your fingers ! We'll see how to make your grasp and sense of hold stronger to stand strong on the guitar neck. A chapter dedicated to building up the muscles in your hand, improve your stamina and of course, your dexterity, in order to make crazy split with your fingers.
11 Exercises 4 Courses

Chapter 13 - Working on Sweep Picking

The Sweep Picking is a technic mainly used in Jazz and solos which allows you to sweep the strings instead of picking them one by one. It allow you to reach an incredible speeds with very few efforts. Mixed with tapping, you'll be surprised of the result at the end of this path !
11 Exercises 7 Courses

Chapter 14 - Uncanny styles

Guitar is not only rock'n'roll, blues, jazz, metal or folk music ! It's also a mash-up of many more unusual styles like flamenco, rumba, irish, celtic or medieval. We'll travel together toward new sounds, the ones more uncanny than the others by learning their associated technics.
15 Exercises 5 Courses

Chapter 15 - Movie soundtracks

Series and movies like Game of Thrones, The Godfather, or the Walt Disney productions are filled with amazing songs of incredible musical qualities. It is not random if Hans Zimmer is considered as one of the best composer in the world. Thanks to fingerstyle, you'll be able to play entirely great soundtracks on the guitar.
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